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Céline Cloutier

"Well-being is to rejoice, live
intensely each moment and allow life
to suddenly surprise us and guide us."

Céline Cloutier
Life Coach, Consultant, Mediator in Conflit Resolution

Emotional Health Consultation

   Individual meetings with the Céline Cloutier, BA-Psy, allow each of us to reconnect with whom really are, our essence. Céline creates a dialogue with the opportunity to discover that prevent us from achieving. The use of species may be part of the process. The sessions are usually for a period of 1 hour to 1:30. 

Professional Tree Essences Training

   Céline Cloutier Co-creator & President of Canadian Forest Tree essences offers training and coaching for those who would like to integrate vibrational healing essences in their personal live and professional practice.

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Services Mediation and Conflict Resolution

   Céline offers mediation services. An intervention that leads to most of the time resolution of conflicts fairly, quickly and inexpensively. For those who experience conflict at work, with family, friends and colleagues.

   With over 30 years of experience, Celine knows that meditation is an essential tool to reach our full potential and optimal health. People who use meditation in all its forms generally feel less stressed, more focused sleep better and happier.


BY TELEPHONE : 819-319-6162
BY EMAIL : cfte@essences.ca



Céline Cloutier, Bach Psychology, offers Consulting service to assist you in the process of transformation and healing of body-mind.


Mediation is an effective process that creates the possibility of finding an agreement between two parties in conflict, both personally and professionally. In a time short enough, this practice is often an inexpensive way to reach a lasting and equitable.

Ombudsman's role.
The mediator is a neutral third party, the guide a process of dialogue and negotiation. It provides an atmosphere of respect, dignity and support throughout the process. Mediation is increasingly used as an alternative to litigation. The process is based on a voluntary basis and remains a confidential at all times. Participants are responsible for both the process and the results.

Mediation is useful when:

How do we proceed?

1.Discussion of the mandate
A discussion by phone, email or in person to help us determine if mediation is the right direction for all parties. All those involved are convened to evaluate the decision-making process. Otherwise, a more appropriate response will be suggested.

2. Process definition
Meeting in person and individual, 30 to 90 minutes to order to let everyone (e) the chance to explain the situation, their experience, their needs and expectations. It is at this time that the mediation process is explained and the role of the mediator as a third party neutral.

3. Commencement of the mediation
Depending on the complexity of the conflict and the number of people involved, we determine the time allotted for this first meeting (2 hours to a full day). Communication between the parties and the willingness to find solutions play an important role in the duration of the mediation to reach an agreement. The process can go 2 meetings and more, until the final agreement, whether written or oral.

4. Follow up
Follow-up in person or by phone is available according to individual needs and understanding.


Emotional Health Consultations with Céline Cloutier, B.A Psy.

A difficult transition, an emotional shock of the past or present can create deep troubles, worries, stress, insomnia, weight problems and much more. These states affect our emotional, physical, intellectual and well-being in the short and long term.

An interview with Celine allows the beginning of a process of understanding and brings to consciousness what creates our inner discomfort and discomfort, our pains and emotional imbalance.


Objective : Find health, peace, joy and balance
Tools : During our meetings and in order to ensure continuity and support the work started, it may be that I suggest tools such as, meditation, exercises to raise awareness and, if necessary, essences for emotional support.
Frequency : For most people, one or two sessions are sufficient. The goal is to be able to continue the work yourself. By cons, you can decide the frequency according to your needs.

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