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1. Why use spring water? 

Water is the base medium in which the presence, resonance, memory of the tree is recorded, and it is essential that it be of the highest quality. Not all water is the same, something we can easily verify simply by comparing city tap water, distilled water and water from a fresh spring. Water is a fascinating and mysterious substance, of which much remains to be discovered. We choose the best source of spring water we can find. 

As to distilled water, it is water that has been tampered with and is generally de-energized and its resonance altered. To use it for essences, it would need to be re-energized.

Eastern cottonwood, credit: DANIEL TIGNER (Co founder of CFTE)

2.Why add alcohol?

Alcohol acts as a preservative to prevent the rapid growth of bacteria in an essence bottle. It has been used traditionally, is readily available and effective. We use pharmaceutical grade ethyl alcohol in the essences. It has the advantage of being clear, almost tasteless and odorless, easily poured and easily mixed with spring water. We add sufficient alcohol to ensure a wide buffer zone of protection from potential bacterial growth.

As concerns the lower amount of alcohol in the essences for animals, we had to balance our desire for the widest possible buffer of protection with the question of an animal’s potential sensitivity to alcohol. We have learned that certain animals are adverse to brandy and they may even avoid drinking water containing essences preserved with brandy. On the other hand essences containing ethyl alcohol seem to be better accepted, even when administered orally, i.e. given directly in the mouth. Animals have no difficulty drinking water with our essences added.

Could other preservatives be used in place of alcohol?
Other potential preservatives than alcohol include apple cider vinegar and glycerin. For general use their efficiency and palatability for customers are problematic. Apple cider vinegar may be efficient as a preservative, but at what concentration remains a question.

3.If someone is an alcoholic or sensitive to alcohol can essences still be used?

The essences may be added to juice, then the presence of alcohol (about V2 drop per dose) is extremely difficult or near impossible to perceive. Please test this out for yourselves. It should be noted that alcohol is used as a preservative in many products in our home; for example, it is used in mouthwashes, and at higher concentrations than in our essences. It is also used in traditional herbal tinctures at higher concentrations. In our local natural product store they tell customers who ask about alcohol in an herbal tincture that there is more alcohol in a ripe banana that has begun to ferment than in the 20 drops of an herbal tincture. For those concerned with even the tiny amount of alcohol in a single dose, the essences may be added to hot water, allowing the alcohol to evaporate before drinking it.

4.Does Anything Harm the Essences, i.e. Heat, X-rays, Electromagnetic Radiation?

Essences may be adversely affected by microwave ovens, electromagnetic fields beside computers and other electrical devices and lengthy exposure to heat and direct sunlight. The length of exposure to any of the above is important. For example, short periods of exposure to X-rays at airports or custom clearing centers may have only a temporary and negligible effect on the essences. An essence exposed to such conditions for a short time may be re-energized fully by tapping it 10 to 20 times on the palm of the hand. Do not store the bottles by a radiator or heater as this can dry out the bottle bulb, causing it to crack.
We guarantee our unopened bottles for two years from manufacture, but the shelf life is likely many years longer provided bottles are kept under reasonable conditions.

5.How Long Are Essences Good After They Are Opened?

Once opened essences should normally be used within a period of 6 months, although they will keep for a year at home if they are well stored. They may be carried in a purse, but be certain the top is tightened and keep the essences away from light and heat sources and other potentially harmful conditions.

6.Can Tree Essences Cause an Allergic Response?

Some people have expressed concern at the possibility of an allergic reaction occurring if, for example, they are allergic to pollen or other substances from trees. We have yet to encounter an allergic response from the essences. The extremely fine dilution levels of essences places them far below the threshold at which an allergic response is likely to be triggered. The essences contain no essential oils, have no scent or taste, and do not act on a physical-chemical level.

7.Can Essences Be Taken While Taking Prescription Drugs?

Essences may be taken at the same time as prescription drugs. No direct chemical interaction takes place between prescription drugs that work on a biochemical level and the tree essences that act on a subtle, non-chemical level. The work of tree essences is at the level of resonance. Their benefits are not lessened when taking prescription medicines.

People using psychiatric drugs are best to use the essences under the guidance of their doctor or healer/therapist.

When taking a medication read the literature accompanying your prescription or consult with your pharmacist to see whether the tiny amounts of alcohol in an essence (1/2 drop per 6 drop dose) might interact adversely with your medication.


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