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Gain powerful insight into the world of tree essences and their influence on mind+body healing. Learn the basic principles of vibrational tree essences and the unique qualities of individual trees. We offer in-depth references to the specific benefit of each essence. How to use them and the power within.

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Canadian Forest Tree Essences, Vibrational Healing Through the Natural Resonance of Trees - by Daniel Tigner
Learn about the underlying principles for using tree essences. Explore the energetic properties of many of the trees. A meditation on trees... (sample p.4) FINDING A BEAUTIFUL TREE MEMORY If you were to remember a time in the past, prehaps recently or prehaps as a child, when you felt deeply connected with a tree, what was that like? You may recall where you were and what you did. Perhaps you climbed the tree, played around it or enjoyed it in some other way. If your memory is from when you were a child you might recall what it felt like to be in that younger body, how alive you were, and the sensations of the elements like wind and sun or clouds and rain. You might even have felt a certain friendliness with the tree or some other emotion that ... (to read more, buy this book today!) ..
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The Guidebook describes the qualities, selection and use of the essences ands sprays made by Canadian Forest Tree Essences. It includes two in-depth indexes of essence healing qualities, one covering essence use with people, the second covers essence use with animals. The Guidebook is an indispensible tool for therapists, healers and others who work with these essences. ..
Based on 1 reviews.

A video presentation about tree essences

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